Link drops – April 21st 2014



I had an amazing Easter weekend with my family at my mum’s hometown and I hope that you had some amazing time this weekend as well. Here is a quick collection of links that I’ve found interesting over the last couple of days (weeks!).

  • I love this piece on leaving work at work. I’m very against leaving work late or taking it home with me, but I’ve worked with people who couldn’t and they were stressed all the time.
  • WordPress is my favourite CMS to work with. We’ve been together since 2007 and it is really interesting to see where it is going.
  • As someone who has collaborated with loads of developers, I find elegant and readable code to be really scarce. Here are some pointers to get you started on it.
  • As designers and developers, it’s always good to have a resolution chart handy.
  • I’m totally guilty of launching a website that is not done, but how do you know when your design is over and done?
  • I’m also really guilty of not being present and using my phone as a protection device whenever I don’t feel comfortable with other people. Maybe, I should change that and put more effort in being here and now.

I’m very lousy at answering my messages

Let me tell you a little secret: I hate small talk.

If you ever send me a text just saying “Hi” or just saying my name, chances are that I’m not going to answer it. I usually try to be better at this with people who don’t really know me and don’t know that I hate beating around the bush.

I try, but I have my limits. There once was this guy who sent me 16 “Hello”s in a minute on what’s App. There are loads of people who I answer “Hi! How are you?” and then they never answer me back. It drives me crazy! If you’re contacting me, at least have the decency to tell me what you wanted to tell me instead of leaving me hanging.

Where am I going with this?

Note: when I say text, I mean every form of written communication except for email. This includes: SMS, What’s App, Telegram, LINE, Facebook wall post, Facebook comments, Facebook messages, Vine messages, Instagram comments, Instagram messages, if you can write short messages it’s included in this list.

There are kinds of texts that I will answer in the moment, some that I will answer later, and some that I totally ignore. To me, texting or messaging is an asynchronous method of communication. Unless I see something interesting on my notifications, I’m not going to answer right away. I don’t consider a situation dire or urgent, if you start texting me with “Hi! How are you?”

I also have disabled notifications on many of my messaging mediums. My phone used to be beeping all the time, courtesy of many a group chat and I’m really enjoying the peace of not having my phone ringing or vibrating.

If you really need me, you can call me or SMS me. Those two phone functions can’t be silenced and be rest assured that I will answer right away.

What was the point?

Yeah, don’t waste my time and yours with “Hi! How are you?” and just tell me, ask me, let me know, whatever it is you need me for. It can be a huge long chat about your existential crisis or just a silly picture of Doge. I prefer long meaningful messages to standard small talk ones. I prefer a silly picture of Doge, a picture of grumpy cat, or a link to a BuzzFeed post instead of small talk. I’d rather you say “Hey Jules! Can you help me with this and that?” instead of “Hey! I haven’t seen you in ages. How have you been?”

I’d rather you ask me all the small talk questions when we’re on the phone or face to face. It is more personal than just writing “Oh! I’m fine!” (Even if I’m not).



My Sansa Stark hairdo, well, kind of…

Ever since I colored my hair (a thing that deserves its own post), I’ve stopped using a lot of hair styling products and pretty much stopped brushing it except for hair washing days or when I flat iron it.

I also don’t like using a lot of dry shampoo in-between washes because I have a lot of hair, and I mean A LOT! So, when my hair is just uncontrollable, I braid it in some way or other.

You may or may not know, but I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. I’m not really a fan of the book series because, no, just no. I really like the hairstyles that they have on the show and my hair is long and thick enough that I can probably do most of them on myself.


The downside is that I have no hair skills whatsoever. Before I colored my hair, I would just wash it everyday (I know!), style my curls and leave the house. Now that I’m not washing it often, I have to be way more creative.


Enter these marvelous playlists ( 1 & 2 ) full of Game of Thrones hair tutorials! These two girls are amazing at hair and I’m sure that my braiding skills will improve with time.


So, the hairstyle that I’m wearing, is the hairstyle that Sansa wears on Season 1 Episode 2 when she runs into Sir Illyn Payne and The Hound on the King’s Road. I really like this hairstyle because it’s really easy to do and it keeps my hair from looking like an afro.


My hair is naturally curly, but I sleep with two braids on my hair to keep it from going as frizzy as it normally would. I also use a bit of Argan Oil on the mids and ends to help keep it hydrated, shiny, and without frizz.


So, that’s how my hair looks today. I didn’t brush it and I just braided it. I have to admit that my hair gives me way less hassle now that I don’t wash it as often and don’t use many products on it.

What is your favourite hairstyle?

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